Macrobiotic Moments

Adzuki beans, squash and rice

So, you’ve probably been wondering how I’ve been surviving my macro diet.  Well, I’m down 7 lbs.  That’s kind of cool because I wanted to lose about 10-15 anyway.  But the real excitement are the lessons learned so far.  Maybe it’s the zen that I’ve been practicing, but I see a lot of similarities here.

The first thing is that my macrobiotic counselor informed me that I had been overeating.  Now, my BMI is right on target, so I thought he just didn’t like me.  However, what I learned is that pretty much everyone is overeating for what their body requires.  What I mean is that we are all eating mouthfuls of food of which we are probably chewing maybe 3 or 4 times before we swallow.  With mindful eating, you chew until the mouthful just falls gently to be swallowed.  It’s a very different experience.  Eating this way makes you aware of when you are full — essentially becoming intuitive of your body’s real needs.  Also, since macrobiotics is looking at fresh food energy, the nutrients are more numerous than the frozen veggie patty I keep mentioning.  So, that means your body is getting more of what it needs in a smaller dose.  It’s really amazing to fully experience food, and when I heard it, I didn’t really believe it.  It just goes to show how you really need to keep an open mind to all of this.  And like zen, it gets you from the inside-out.

Another bonus to this way of eating is the sustainability of it.  We all know there are ways to use leftovers, but this philosophy of food is really based on nothing wasted.  So, the ume vinegar that I use for my pickles is drained and stored for the next batch.  And the leftovers from the previous dinner can be mixed with grains to make porridge for the morning.  And remember, with the staples like brown rice, crunchy vegetables and sea vegetables, the possibilities for sushi are endless.  I honestly think my grocery bill is going to shrink, and that means more money to save for the tiny someday prefab vaca home.  Me and macro might stand a chance afterall.


~ by zengirl1 on June 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Macrobiotic Moments”

  1. I’ve been noticing lately how everything is connected as well. And spirituality is the glue that connects it all.
    I have struggled with my weight in the past (and still do struggle some), but I have recently started applying spiritual philosophies to my physical health. Now, I realize that the same philosophies that help spiritually also promote good health physically.
    I am working on a blog post called “How to lose weight through spirituality” or something like that. I will definitely incorporate the philosophy of “mindful eating” into my post because the concept of being mindful in everything you do is a spiritual philosophy.

    • I was just talking with a neighbor about this very thing. I think if you work on your health this way, it is much stronger because body and mind are connected. Keep writing. 🙂

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