Macro in NYC

While in NY this past weekend, I was wondering how I would keep my macro diet going.  However, turns out things are pretty easy and really yummy.  A special treat was eating at Blossom –what a cute romantic hideaway in the Chelsea area.  I had a delicious layer of pistachio encrusted tofu and veggie crepe.  I also indulged in a chocolate ganache with a soy dream type cold treat.  Okay, well the dessert wouldn’t have passed macro with flying colors, but hey, it’s b-day time and a girl has to indulge.  Another fun place in the east village was Angelica Kitchen.  I had the “half dragon bowl” which consisted of some very macro rice/beans and greens along with a home-made fig newton that was so amazing because it wasn’t loaded with sugar.  You could actually taste figs in their natural form with a touch of lemon — what an awesome combo.  My husband reminded me that Angelica’s has some pretty famous nut brittle, so we took a bag of that to go.  It didn’t last long, but the texture and sweetness were perfect.  I have another visit to NYC coming up to visit a girlfriend, and to visit the Fire and Lotus Temple in Brooklyn.  So, get ready for more stories. 

You’ve probably been wondering how my diet has been going — I’ve bought some pretty unusual items — from dried lotus root to umeboshi paste.  I can say that it is all fun and exciting and I definitely still feel a sense of balanced energy.  I’m also 9 lbs lighter, so that might be part of it LOL.  I recently purchased the book, The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health.  So, now I’m learning more about the properties of the food I’m eating.  There is a nice open which talks about the history of macrobiotics and it even brings up the fact that the original Hippocratic Oath contained the promise of attempting healing through food first.  How did that get left out of the equation later?  One of my many questions in search of the truth about food and health.


~ by zengirl1 on July 22, 2010.

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