Philly Vegan/Vegetarian Brunch

My husband and I were in search of breakfast when we realized we were out of cornmeal this past Sunday.  We usually make a delicious polenta with soymilk and raspberry brown rice syrup.  In any case, a quick scan on google revealed a well kept secret — veggie brunch at Mi Lah Vegetarian.  It was difficult to make a decision, considering the whole menu was fair game, but once we were satisfied with our choices, the server brought out a complimentary plate of fresh fruit (which went very well with my faux Mimosa).  I had the pumpkin pancakes with blueberry “butter” and fakin’ bacon, while my husband had mesa cakes with a mango sauce.  Everything was so delicious and we had fun sharing our food.  It was a good thing that we had done the bike trail loop down by the drive that morning or we would have been worried about the extra calories :).    All I can say is, what a treat for vegetarians, and I can’t wait to go again.  Oh yeah, and for all of you bike fans, Bike Philly is coming up.  My husband and I might be riding if the crowds aren’t too bad!  Exercise is moving meditation…


~ by zengirl1 on September 1, 2010.

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