Kill the blog

Hopefully you get the humorous reference here, but really — I’m killing my blog.  Two masters have encouraged me to stop writing because the act of writing, much like speaking, presents many issues in zen.  How do you explain what can’t be explained?  Who am I to write (especially dealing with the issue of ego)?  The most important reason, however, is that time spent writing could be better spent sitting another round of zazen, chanting, or reading the dharma.  Since I started on this journey to get my practice more disciplined, it certainly makes sense to take this advice seriously.

So, I hope you continue with your practice and I wish you luck as you discover your teacher.  Oh yeah, and when you do think you have found your teacher, get ready for some heavy duty testing.  The door may seem closed, but trust your intuition and keep knocking.

Thank you for your lessons.


~ by zengirl1 on November 20, 2010.

One Response to “Kill the blog”

  1. Sorry to see it close. I wish you well on your practice.

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